Hal In Good Fun Hal In Good Fun 1 April 2020

HAL In The Family

When the citizens of an eclectic mathematics community are transported to the confines of a comfortably sized middle-class American condominium, they must work together and with the guidance (at times unappreciated) of their Big Brother/Landlord, HAL 9000, who has teamed up with Jonathan Bowers to find the Beyondus Sasquatchus, a centuries old manuscript that is reported to have the formula for numbers even larger than Emlightened could have ever imagined.

On the way the citizens meet all sorts of new people and go on wacky adventures together! Meet the cast:

  • Deniz Maxzudof / M:38 / Deniz is a Russian-born mathematician who secretly tries to pervert the political ideologies of his roommates comrades into the glorious fold of Communism, just lik…

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